Oct 13, 2016

Politifact Illinois Says “Kate Cloonen’s Pants Are on Fire!”

“In a campaign ad posted on Facebook, Cloonen said, “Lindsay Parkhurst wants to take away programs like Social Security and Medicare that seniors have earned throughout their lifetimes.”

“With Social Security and Medicare being federal programs, state lawmakers have no say in setting benefit levels for these programs.

“Additionally, Parkhurst has not previously held elected office and therefore has no public voting record on Social Security or Medicare. Nor has she talked about her position on Medicare or Social Security benefits in her campaign.

“Ironically, Parkhurst is a defense attorney whose law firm has helped clients obtain Social Security disability benefits. She believes both Social Security and Medicare are part of a contract the federal government must honor.

Cloonen’s campaign did not respond to multiple emails and messages for comment, and the articles cited in the ad contain no mention of Parkhurst.

There is no evidence to back Cloonen’s claim, nor can we find any statement or action by Parkhurst that would have, even indirectly, elicited it.

We rate Cloonen’s claim Pants on Fire.

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