Oct 13, 2016

Kate Cloonen Declares Herself A Casualty of the Budget Impasse, Complains About Not Being Paid

Lindsay Parkhurst supports “No Budget, No Pay” to force politicians in Springfield to pass a balanced budget which would fund services like the River Valley Metro bus system

This morning, State Representative Kate Cloonen held a press conference under false pretenses concerning a lack of state funding for the River Valley Metro Mass Transit District.

Yesterday, the Daily Journal reported that the River Valley Metro may face closure due to a delay in state funding. Nearly 65% of the Metro’s budget comes from the State of Illinois, but due to the current budget crisis, the Comptroller cannot release funds because Springfield politicians have appropriated more funds than what is available.

Despite being constitutionally required to pass balanced budgets, Kate Cloonen has never voted for one. Years of chronic deficit spending have pushed the Comptroller’s unpaid bill backlog higher and higher. As of yesterday, the State of Illinois has nearly $9 billion in unpaid bills, contributing to the massive delay in payments for vendors such as legislators or public services like the River Valley Metro.

After the press conference, Cloonen declared herself a casualty of the budget impasse and complained about legislators not receiving their taxpayer-funded paychecks.

Lindsay Parkhurst, candidate for State Representative in the 79th House District, released the following statement responding to Cloonen’s remarks and calling for “No Budget, No Pay”:

After four years of record deficit spending, Kate Cloonen just realized her votes have consequences. Illinoisans are fed up with politicians who show concern during an election, but fail to mention they are the ones responsible for the problem in the first place. Now more than ever, we need “No Budget, No Pay” to force politicians in Springfield to pass a balanced budget, so that those who rely on services like the River Valley Metro can count on those services to be there.”